CFA Sports & Recreation Association


The Country Fire Authority Sports and Recreation Association Inc. (CFASRA) was formed in 2005 with the intent to provide support to all members of CFA who represent the organisation in sporting and recreational activities.  A member of the CFASRA is any person who is a registered or retired member of the CFA which includes Staff and Volunteers.

The CFASRA has a Committee of Management that consists of interested CFA members who represent the sporting and recreational needs of its members.

The CFASRA's mission statement is:

  1. To manage the CFASRA under the Rules Of Association.
  2. To publicise the aims and objectives of the CFASRA.
  3. Encourage and support all CFA members and clubs to participate in and represent the CFA in sporting and recreational activities.
  4. To promote and report the participation and achievements of CFA members in sporting and recreational activities.
  5. To build and strengthen social communities within sporting and recreational activities.
  6. To support affiliated clubs.
  7. To enhance the public image of the CFA. 

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